RJD slams Amitabh for not tweeting about petrol price hike

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RJD slams Amitabh for not tweeting about petrol price hike
RJD slams Amitabh for not tweeting about petrol price hike

28 Jun 2021: RJD slams Amitabh for not tweeting about petrol price hike

The official Twitter handle of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) lashed out at Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan recently over his silence regarding soaring petrol/diesel prices in the country. The party also shared some of Bachchan's tweets from 2012, where he was seen commenting on rising fuel cost, and asked what was the reason behind his silence now. In this light, #BJPkaKhel100KaTel is trending since morning.

Twitter: The party alleged Bachchan's old posts were paid tweets

Petrol reached an all-time high at Rs. 104.56 a liter in Mumbai on June 27, but there was apparently no reaction from the Deewar actor. The Lalu Prasad Yadav-founded party highlighted this and mentioned that Bachchan made paid tweets about fuel prices during the UPA-II regime, but remained mum now. "Can you look at your face in the mirror?," their post read, in Hindi.

Fact: Check out the tweet here

Reception: This is how Twitterati reacted to the post

The post raked in nearly 6,000 likes on the platform and many agreed with the sentiments. One tweet read in Hindi, "Bollywood is filled with such fake people who had problems when petrol price reached Rs. 68 per liter but have no issues when the cost has crossed Rs. 100-mark." However, several netizens criticized the party for the language used in the tweet.

Fact: 'Protest is legitimate but be careful over choice of language'

"The language style reveals where this party is going," one Twitter user wrote, adding how social reform begins at home. Another reply said, "Protest is legitimate but please be careful over the choice of language." To note, the post has been retweeted 1.9K times.

Information: Diesel is nearing Rs. 100-mark for the first time

On Sunday, petrol and diesel prices were hiked for the 31st time, since May 4. While petrol has breached the Rs. 100-mark, diesel also was inching closer to the threshold for the first time in India. Mumbai saw diesel retailing at Rs. 96.42, while in Delhi it was Rs. 88.90. Petrol in the national capital retailed at Rs. 98.46/liter. These costs remained unchanged today.

Social media: Twitter: Central government was criticized for all-time high fuel rates

The central government also received criticism from several internet users today for this. The hashtag #BJPkaKhel100KaTel raked in over 25K tweets. Many verified Congress and Aam Aadmi Party supporter accounts were seen sharing memes and statistics. Recently, Congress announced a 10-day nationwide agitational program against fuel price-hike and increasing inflation, starting July 7. Earlier, they had organized a nationwide protest on June 11.

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