Roadies Revolution: Ex-Roadies Aman and Arushi make a surprise appearance in the semi-finale task

Maithili Shinde
·2-min read

Time for some drumrolls and happy dancing on Roadies Revolution! After months of drama, action and suspense, the finalists for this season will be revealed post a competing task. Last week, Zabi and Shreya had to bid adieu to the journey after an emotional set of events. Also, Hamid from Nikhil’s team has secured his position in the grand finale. The upcoming episode will now witness the semi-finale task “Oppo Battle Stars” and the stars earned by the leaders with blood and sweat will finally benefit them in this race to finale. Nikhil’s journey can trigger a twist here as he has already secured four stars, followed by Varun with three stars, Prince with two stars and finally Neha with one star. How will these benefits influence the game plan? Tune-in to catch up!

This week, Rannvijay also announces that apart from Hamid, only two Roadies will reach the finale. The Roadies will have to choose one partner each to compete against in the task. Out of the lot, the two contestants who collect five stars as fast as possible, will be playing alongside Hamid in the finale. To top it all, Aman and Arushi’s re-entry adds a shocking twist, as they will be seen giving a tough fight to Jayant, Aakash, Michael, Vipin, Abhimanyu and Poonam. Who will make it till the end? Don’t forget to tune in!

The previous week saw a heroic display of friendship when Zabi switched places with Abhimanyu. To our surprise, this week will also have a similar moment between two friends. The zest to compete, coupled with emotional bonds and loyalties has proved to be an ultimate game changer this season! As Nikhil’s team-mate Hamid is already in the finale, will Neha and Varun create history and reach the finale for the first time, or will the Punjabi munda Prince will ace it in the finale, like always? Watch out for the much-awaited semi-finale episode of Roadies Revolution, this Saturday at 7PM only on MTV!