Roadies Revolution: Prince Narula loses his calm; Nikhil and Neha engage in a war of words

Maithili Shinde
·2-min read

As the Roadies Revolution journey gets rockier by the day, the newly made permanent teammates are finally making peace internally and elevating their bonds to spruce up the game. As they pace their way up to the semi-final, the contestants and the leaders are playing safe to stay in the game. While we saw Apoorva and Nisha’s exit from the show last week, this week, Rannvijay hits back at the contestants again with a surprise vote out post a survival task.

The survival task of the week will be called– ‘Dum Laga Ke Charades’ in the typical Roadies style. Two teams will have to compete against each other and hence alliances will be formed. Neha will be seen pitching to his buddy Prince now that he is back to form an alliance. This week, the audience will also see Neha and Prince vs Nikhil and Varun. Both Varun and Prince have lost one member from their teams each but are standing strong with 2 teammates. Will this week make their teams even weaker or will put Neha or Nikhil’s teams in danger? Only time will tell, stay tuned!

The task will involve multiple stages, but the crux would be to enact Bollywood movies and guess the same. As Prince and Neha are the biggest Bollywood buffs amongst the troop, will this task prove to be an advantage for them, or will they lose this golden opportunity? It’ll be interesting to see that! While the task is running, viewers will see Prince lashing out on Aman. Additionally, Neha and Nikhil will also be seen getting into a war of words as Neha feels the latter always talks about ideal behaviour but when it comes to his team, he supports them otherwise. The matter is sure to heat up on the task location.
As the journey is getting closer to the finale, clashes will now be seen in full force. Tune in to Roadies Revolution, this Saturday at 7PM only on MTV to watch who will be voted out and what will be consequences of leaders losing their calm.