Roadies Revolution: It’s time for the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task and last vote outs, this week

Maithili Shinde
·2-min read

With just few steps away from the finale, this week on Roadies Revolution will be full of action, surprises and some shocking revelations. With tension rising and pressure piling up, it’s now a Do or Die situation for the contestants! This week, the dashing host Rannvijay will be seen introducing the most crucial task of the season, ‘Ticket to Finale’. The winner of this week’s task will secure a direct entry in the finale of Roadies Revolution. This is surely going to be an exciting watch in 2021!

Last week, the viewers saw Neha and Prince’s alliance losing the task and Aman bidding goodbye to the journey. The winning team also got three immunities. This week’s episode will reveal that the losing team of last task, i.e., Abhimanyu, Aakash, Zabi and Poonam will not participate in the Ticket to Finale task! Are you getting the semi-final feels yet? Hold on! There is another twist in this tale- only three Roadies which will get immune can participate in this task and the rest will move to the danger zone. Along with this, the three immune Roadies will get a chance to perform with a celebrity leader of their choice.

All the pressure now is at Nikhil and Varun’s shoulders who need to mutually decide on the immunities. Well, the first two choices would be quite predictable for the fans who’ve been following the game, but the bets are going to be high on the third Roadie! Will Nikhil and Varun mutually be able to pick one name or the decision will pass on to someone else? As this is the last week before semi-finals, expect some more surprises in the episode, along with a heated argument between Neha and Prince! Watch out for Roadies Revolution, this Saturday at 7PM only on MTV to know where the game would be headed to!