I roasted Hollywood for wearing liberalism like a medal: Ricky Gervais on final Golden Globe stint

London, Jan 9 (PTI) In his hilariously cynical Golden Globe monologue, actor-comic Ricky Gervais made many in Hollywood uncomfortable and he argues he roasted the entertainment industry not for their liberalism but for wearing it like a medal.

Gervais didn't shy away from touching upon hot topics like #MeToo, 2019 college admissions scandal involving Felicity Huffman, Martin Scorsese's Marvel comments and the lack of diversity in Hollywood in what he has repeatedly promised would be his fifth and final stint as the Globes host.

The monologue ruled the social media after a largely predictable ceremony, barring a few surprise wins and snubs, with many urging the 'After Life' creator-actor to return as host next award season.

Gervais on Wednesday took to Twitter to set the record straight.

'I didn't roast Hollywood for being a bunch of liberals. I myself am a liberal. Nothing wrong with that. I roasted them for wearing their liberalism like a medal,' he said.

The 58-year-old comic further said he was a unique liberal like a 'snowflake'.

'I'm such a snowflake, liberal, I can't even really hate them for it. But my job is to take the pi**. I did that,' he added.

Globes aired January 5. PTI RDS BK BK