Robert Downey Jr. discusses drugs on Letterman's Netflix show

Shubham Dasgupta
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Robert Downey Jr. discusses drugs on Letterman
Robert Downey Jr. discusses drugs on Letterman

26 Oct 2020: Robert Downey Jr. discusses drugs on Letterman's Netflix show

David Letterman has hosted Robert Downey Jr. several times.

Starting from Late Night With David Letterman in 1990 with pit stops in 2011 and 2015, and now in 2020, Downey Jr. is literally the man whom Letterman calls "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction".

This Netflix mini-talk show is back with host Letterman and Downey Jr. sharing the stage for some interesting personal confessions.

Iron Man helmet: LED lights that blinded Downey Jr.

But let's prepare you with the YouTube preview.

One of the many questions Letterman asked Downey Jr. is about the Iron Man helmet.

He was curious whether it was computer graphics or a real helmet, to which the actor replied that it was real for the first film, and had almost blinded him when the helmet shut and the LED eye-lights flashed inside.

Hilarious observations: How CG helped him

Thereafter, Downey Jr. continues, he preferred computer graphics till Endgame when he almost always asked the techies to put two dots on his head and "paint" later on.

That, for sure, is a hilarious preview to the third season of the show streaming on Netflix.

But, Letterman also discussed the actor's drug problems, and he was more than glad to admit his career-endangering mistakes.

Drug overdose: How Jodie Foster had warned him

Recalling his experience with director Jodie Foster for Home for the Holidays in 1995, Downey Jr. said Foster cautioned about his drug issues while implying that her crew was very forgiving.

Ignoring her, however, Downey asked if his takes were great.

She agreed but later asserted her agreement and its meaning in a letter when Downey Jr. was serving prison time.

Troubled career: How drugs almost ended Downey Jr.

The actor confessed to using drugs from eight years of age till 38.

Put on probation after he broke into a neighbor's place while being drugged, Downey Jr. violated his probation thrice and was sentenced to three years of prison.

He spent a year in prison and Marvel refused him when director Jon Favreau insisted the house to cast Downey Jr. as Iron Man.