Robert Downey Jr. wants Johnny Depp for 'Sherlock Holmes 3'

Shubham Dasgupta
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Robert Downey Jr. wants Johnny Depp for
Robert Downey Jr. wants Johnny Depp for

20 Dec 2020: Robert Downey Jr. wants Johnny Depp for 'Sherlock Holmes 3'

Johnny Depp, an actor of high regard struggling for acceptance due to his publicized personal life, seems to have long-time friend and co-star Robert Downey Jr. having his back.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is highly likely to join the cast of Sherlock Holmes 3 as Downey Jr. wants him onboard "come hell or high water."

Old association: The two actors are friends for decades

Their association goes decades back in Hollywood.

Downey Jr.'s wife Susan Downey is a co-producer and sympathizes with the situation.

She is also a good friend and is close to Depp's former partner Vanessa Paradis and the couple's two children.

The couple agrees that Johnny also deserves a helping hand.

Downey Jr. was even present in the London High Court over Depp's libel lawsuit.

Past struggles: Downey Jr. relates Depp's situation to his

A source tells The National Enquirer that Downey Jr. has offered a key role in the upcoming sequel slated for a tentative release on December 22, 2021.

Downey Jr.'s decision stems from his own turbulent past when his drug addiction spoiled his public image until there was Mel Gibson who cast him in Air America and gave him a second chance.

Fact: It's Robert's turn to pay him back

Speculation: Depp's reported role in the film

There have been arch-nemeses like Moriarty and Blackwood who have pestered Sherlock Holmes to his wit's end.

If Depp agrees to the role, he may play wealthy businessman and expert blackmailer Charles Augustus Magnussen.

The strategy adds up as Magnussen began targeting Holmes after he returned to London two years after he was thought "dead."

The first franchise sequel had Holmes "almost" killed.

Back burner?: The current status of 'Sherlock Holmes 3'

The film is under development since October 2011 when Warner Bros Pictures announced that screenwriter Drew Pearce is working on the first draft of the film.

Susan Downey said the film is under the works in 2014, while extensive work on the script was being done in 2016 by Village Roadshow, WB, and Downey Jr.

WB involved Dexter Fletcher as its director in 2019.