Robert Pattinson’s Batman Story is the Part Most Hero Stories Skip

Kiona Rosh
·2-min read

The Batman Movie is said to be a different form of superhero movie which we haven’t seen before. The movie was originally designed as the extension of the DCEU Ben Affleck’s version of The Batman which had grown to be a beast on its own. Now with Robert Pattinson as the titular Dark Knight of Gotham City, The Batman promises a brutal, darkened variation of the iconic DC character, mixing elements of Nolan’s authenticity, Snyder’s brooding, and Burton’s sprinkling of goth dust.

Robert Pattinson is relatively a younger version of Bruce Wayne. The Batman was going to an origin story when young Bruce Wayne still traumatized by the death of his parents, embarks on a journey from rich bachelor to the embodiment of vengeance, was assumed to be happening by the fans when the recent casting was declared. But this version of The Batman is wisely skipping Bruce’s first steps into his vigilantism. Pattinson’s debut is confirmed to take place when he is in his second year as Batman who is still within the beginnings of his crime-fighting mission, but not quite the start of his story.

The Batman is now a unique origin story, not just among other superhero movies, but virtually any film that headlines a mainstream superhero at its core. Speaking through research there are accurately 3 stages in a superhero’s protagonist lifecycle. One “the origin story,” Second, “the peak”. And the third “the veteran”.
But the gap between the original stage and the peak is a wide one and especially not an interesting one if we were to speak for the big pictures. For example, Bruce Wayne goes from a rookie in Batman Begins to a predominant hero in The Dark Knight.

This time The Batman bunks the old tradition and brings in its a new form. As a superhero fan, we all have some questions in our mind such as, What happens after a hero’s first modification, but before they’re fully developed? What does a hero look like when their face is sprawled across every newspaper and magazine in town, but they’re still finding their way, working things out, and sharpening their craft?. Well, this movie answers all those questions. Here Pattinson has found to have a handmade costume, a regular car, and a whole pile of his insecurities.

The Batman is crossing all hype and is creating an eagerness in the minds of all the fans. Batman promises to do something new in a genre that routinely reconsiders the same ideas time and time again.