'Robin's Wish' shows us why Robin Williams took his life

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28 Jan 2021: 'Robin's Wish' shows us why Robin Williams took his life

After Robin Williams ended his life, media linked his past records of drug abuse and alcoholism to his suicide triggers.

However, the truth is far from it.

And, we would have never known that had Robin's Wish, a documentary directed by Tyler Norwood, not happened.

Kick-started by the comedy virtuoso's third wife Susan Schneider Williams, it is currently available on all major digital platforms.

Details: Documentary explains his disease, Williams died without getting correct treatment

The film was released last September and is available digitally and on-demand.

Susan Schneider wanted this to be a science film, but upon the director's advice, decided to pursue a documentary about Williams's struggles against a degenerative brain ailment known as Lewy Body Dementia (LBD).

She shared that the reason behind publicizing her husband's disease is because of the myths media circulated about him.

Context: LBD is caused by abnormal protein accumulation in brain cells

The documentary narrates how Williams was misdiagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and thus, never got treated correctly.

The Jumanji star's autopsy revealed that he died, at the age of 63, with one of the worst cases of the disease doctors have ever witnessed.

LBD is caused by abnormal accumulation of protein inside brain cells that triggers about 15% of the dementia cases.

Case history: The actor started facing LBD symptoms in 2013

The biggest problem with LBD is that its symptoms change, as was the case with Williams, which made it highly difficult for doctors to point out his issues.

Susan married Robin in 2011 but had little time to be happy as LBD symptoms started showing as early as in 2013.

Williams got paranoid beyond measure and started facing physical difficulty on sets as well.

Last stages: 'I'm not me anymore,' Williams had shared with his friend

Williams faced confusion, insomnia, paranoia, anxieties, and altered realities.

A particularly heartbreaking instance, shared by Susan, happened when he was excessively worried about fellow comic, Mort Sahl.

Once when the couple was advised to sleep separately, an aghast Williams asked her, "Does this mean we're separated?"

Also, hours before suicide, he visited neighbor Jon Hepper and asked for a hug.

You'll be missed, Williams!

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