Rohit Khandelwal To Handover His Sash To His Successor- His Insightful Journey

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PopDiaries interviewed the charming Mister World- Rohit Khandelwal as he got ready to crown his successor on August 23, 2019 in Manila, Philippines. Rohit Khandelwal, is an Indian model, actor, television personality, winner of Mister India 2015 and the first ever Asian to be crowned Mister World in 2016 contest!


Q- How has your journey from being a ground staff with SpiceJet to being the most desirable man in the world? What were the biggest obstacles you faced in your road to success?

A- I was not at all happy when I was working with SpiceJet. I wanted to do something bigger, so I joined Dell as a technical support assistant. Mumbai was somewhere I wanted to be, but my brother wasn’t living there. I did a few ramp shows on the weekends and did everything that was available in Hyderabad. Fortunately I got a call to come to Bombay and it was deal I couldn’t skip and let everything. My first commercial shoot was with Kareena Kapoor and soon I was working for TVCs and other international shoots. The opportunity of Mister India was one of the most important things for me. Later after participating I got to know that I was supposed to represent India. Every opportunity that I could get and I moved forward with passion and wholeheartedly work with every one of them.

Q- What other obstacles did you face other than the ones you’ve mentioned?

A- I was away from my family & moved to a metropolitan city. There was so many emotions, so I was going back & forth to Hyderabad and Mumbai. That’s a very drastic change for anyone, but I took it with courage, every obstacle I faced made me the person I am today & I’m very grateful for that.

Q- Shah Rukh khan and John Abraham are your role models? What’s your reason for choosing them?

A- Shah Rukh khan being a witty & intelligent person who works so hard & has balanced his life so well, I look up to those aspects. John Abraham was someone who started as a model and I relate to him a lot that’s why I have chosen him.

Q- You’ve spoken about your health journey (transformation) it has motivated so many people. Any daily routine tips that you would want to share with the contestants?

A-Try to be fit and indulge in any kind of sports activity. Make sure to take the right amount of proteins, fibers, & calories that are required in a good balance. It’s never about having a great body it’s about being fit & flexible. Consistency and discipline is extremely important.

Q- What was your motivation for the competition? How would you motivate the contestants?

A- I have always worked hard for whatever I wanted to achieve in life. I love to do new things in Life & Times of India has played a big role in that. I can only put my part of the effort, but the way my mentors and organization have moulded & evolved me has helped me a lot in the competition. My mentor Vineet Jain is someone I look up to him!

Q- You have certain qualities that have led you to become mister world. What are the qualities you look for in your successor?

A- Happiness is what I would want them to have. The faith & confidence they carry are so important. They have to be happy with the outcome and have the confidence that be it whatever they will be happy with the end result.

Q- You’re a ted speaker. Any memories from the various ted speeches that you’ve handed out?

A- I have many memories attached with TED-UPES in Dehradun. The college was very welcoming & shared my journey with the young boys & girls who could use my experience for their future.

Q- You’ve raised funded of the hunger campaign in Africa. What was your take from the experience?

A- It was a very emotional experience over there. So many people in rural areas where kids were suffering from malnutrition. I Along with the org. & Miss world have taken the charge and provided food for thousands of kids. I was privileged to be a part of it!

Q- What’s your favorite memory from the contest?

A- The last day of the contest where everybody was dressed up in tuxedos & we all danced on stage was an amazing memories!

Q- Any last tips for the contestants?

A- Confidence is key. They’ve done their best so keep calm and accept everything well!

We cannot wait for the successor to be crowed & to finally witness the moment of Rohit Khandelwal on stage again!

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