Rohit Sherawat - Aspirant for civil service turns out to be an ace in YouTube world

Rohit Sherawat A Guy having a dream to get admitted into Delhi Police made it big on youtube. Coming from Delhi Rohit was giving some government papers just like we all youngster do. In our age ! But our brilliant government and its ethics pissed him of ! Paper leaks and hundreds of different issues started giving a lot of trouble to Rohit , still managing to get a CISF subinspector job but the passion for working for Delhi Police .

Actually stopped him for working and there and then was the start of His youtube channel "THE BEROZGARS".

Over a time period of 2 years gaining for them 400K subscriber is a major thing in Youtube world ! Creating some Great Hilarious And Funny content

This hilarious channel is popular for their enlightening Desi and savage videos giving a message at the end , be it on ways to make a perfect reality show Leaving a mark on youtube world with great amount of followers and fan following Rohit sherawat’s "THE BEROZGARS" is surely set to touch heights in Youtube world with some real heart touching funny and a good message giving videos.