Rosie HW Owns This £13 Zara Top in Every Colour

Elinor Block

Praise be to the internet for allowing us to snoop on the A-list’s wardrobes. Sure, most of it might be filled with designer and luxury items that we can only splurge on every so often, but sometimes they shop the high street too. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has become rather adept at showing off her latest purchases and has nailed the Instagram pose. Instead of her usual head-to-toe designer look, though, this weekend, she revealed that she’s also a fan of Zara.

The model wore a £13 “naked” top from the high street store along with a pair of white jeans from Isabel Marant. Considering that Rosie often goes for a full ensemble of Bottega Veneta (aka the dream), it’s a relief to know that celebs are also drawn to the store as much as we are and that it really does look as chic as we think it does—especially when paired with the right pieces. 

The nude top worn with the white pleated jeans looks so expensive thanks to its simplicity. Of course, we’re monitoring how quickly it’ll sell out, and right now we can say there are still some available, but we reckon it won’t be long until they all go. Fear not, however, as if you miss out on the nude version, there are also white and black versions available that Rosie has modeled expertly with contrasting skirts. If you’re desperate to see all three of the full looks keep scrolling, and then shop the outfits below.