Ross Victory Aims High To Establish Artistic Merit In Literature Through Music

Ross Victory Wishes Artistic Merit In Literature Through Music
Ross Victory Wishes Artistic Merit In Literature Through Music

Our audience is keen to learn from the stories of people creating a difference in the world. Enlighten us about who you are and what you do.

I’m J. Ross Victory, I go by Ross. Honestly, I’m many things–an author, songwriter, traveler, marketing professional, brother and friend to name a few. My artistic expressions range from free-flowing and passionate soul extensions in the written and vocal form to expressions that are intentional and designed to provoke emotional reactions. I’m also the rare L.A. native – I grew up in Inglewood, went to school in Cerritos, lived in Pasadena, now based in Downtown LA. I self-published my first memoir, ‘Views from the Cockpit’, with global distribution on Fathers Day this year (2019) as a tribute to father after his untimely passing from cancer and being a victim of elder abuse. I’m excited to step into the commercial space officially with this project which I believe will inspire, start conversations and maybe even heal someone with its message.


Give us an in-depth analysis of how you created your brand and became a writer

As I write, I seek to deliver “writing you can feel.” Over time, and after realizing people were interested in what I had to say or at least how I articulated them, my purpose quickly became to be as truthful as possible with my interpretation of the world and the messages I sought to communicate. I seek to write stuff people can feel and relate to…the whole spectrum – pain and sadness, joy through travel and discovery, adventure and fun, philosophical topics about life and death, and love to “after-hours-tingle, which can be consumed as stories or musical lyrics. I read a lot of non-fiction titles. From philosophy books like The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli to self-help books like The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, I try to write from a place of alignment, truth, and passion.

‘Views from the Cockpit’ is born from pain and personal father-son memories, but the essence of the book outside of my memories is: owning individualized life experiences, realizing the value of your incomparable, soul-specific perspective. ‘Views from the Cockpit’ promote self-discovery and ownership of life experience and considers Love, Forgiveness, and Legacy as the catalyst for inspiration. These are the brand messages I also seek when I look into the world.

Ross–the man–like many millennials, spends way too much time on social media platforms, haha. Despite that, my content and my actual life outside of ‘Views’, the message is traveling, discovering and adventuring to hard to reach places. I also love music, men’s fashion and nearly all spiritual and philosophical topics. I also enjoy serving the local L.A. community when I can, specifically the unhoused population in Los Angeles. The unhoused population is increasing as the wealthy population is increasing. I’ve seen the transformation of L.A. and it isn’t all good. Even though great restaurants and retailers are coming in, when you focus in on the details, the priorities are sick and inhumane.


What challenges did you face during the initial days of your writing career? What challenges do you go through on an everyday basis?

My first book is nonfiction. So, pervasive self-doubt was the biggest recurring challenge mostly because the story was real and part of my daily reflection. I felt insecure that my personal story or that my contribution to the world was insignificant compared to others who had been through worse or were achieving at a higher level. I couldn’t sense my innate value yet. Fighting internally doesn’t feel worth it most days, but in the few moments that it feels livable, that’s when I STRIKE and write. That’s what I want to see, hear and feel in the marketplace, something authentic and I think that’s what others want, too. I also had a challenge with self-editing during the writing process. Now, I just close my eyes and type, believing that as long as my message is there “the sauce,” I can hire someone to decorate it later. Overcoming self-doubt takes daily practice and reminders that my “perspective” is valuable and worth the energy. The outside world is not a guidebook, it’s a noisy backdrop. I try to be aware of my self-talk and put up a positive message in my living space.


How do you remain stress-free while working? What is your idea of getting over the writer’s block?

I take a lot of breaks. I get a lot of massages and meditate a lot. If I don’t feel inspired, I don’t write. If I need rest, I rest. I learned the hard way with ‘Views from the Cockpit’. I tossed and turned. I obsessed. I didn’t trust the value of my message or my ability to see a project like this through. So I honed in on why I was writing which was to keep my dad’s memory alive, to expose elder abuse and to establish my voice and a stream of income as a writer.

Traveling alone inspires me to keep writing. I’m talking 10,000 miles away to a foreign place alone. Something about the air of a new city, the flow of different traffic, the unique rhythm and smells of a foreign place refreshes my soul. Cannabis also unlocks creative brain cells.


What is your idea of success?

Success is in line with “doing” and “action,” from a place of your heart’s conviction. That’s what I’m trying to do with writing in book, article and song form. Success is giving more than I take from this world! Putting skin in the game. For me, I’m giving vulnerability a shot by telling my story and trying to get out there with my message.

I tell myself, and I would tell ANY writer, to write ONE word, write ONE sentence, take ONE step because I believe that when I step out in faith (not religious faith, but truthful and devotional faith), I immediately open myself up to tangible rewards: recognition, finances, material options, but more importantly the intangibles: meaningful relationships which cannot be recreated, experiences which cannot be replaced, and just the sheer joy from the truth in knowing that I contributed something I believed in instead of just consuming and taking. Can you fail if you have at least one step forward?


Tell us about any ongoing projects etc. Walk us through your works (books, literature, writings). How do you support your writings and creativity?

  1. I just attended the 2019 Leimert Park Book Fair. It was fantastic and tons of people are excited about ‘Views from the Cockpit’.

  2. Next up will be an Audiobook version of ‘Views’ for those who are stuck in L.A. traffic with no time to read, but interested in supporting my message. I’m excited to showcase my book through vocal work and a sonic mood setting. The project feels so much more emotional and dramatic when I perform it. The Audiobook will be released in late Fall 2019 and follow an Inspirational/R&B themed track called ‘Savor the View’. The track will be free with the purchase of the Audiobook. I’m excited to be songwriting again; attaching it to a book project is something so special.

  3. I will explore fiction in early 2020 through a project called ‘My Heart is a Wasteland’ about a young boy who finds himself in the foster care system after losing his family in a plane crash.

  4. In September, I will be going on a blog tour with 10-12 bloggers around the country talking all things family, father-son relationships, divorce, and just life!

  5. Lastly, I’m in the process of establishing an imprint that will publish and legally oversee my writings and songs called ‘Lethal Intellect.’ ‘Lethal Intellect’ will also have a strong social purpose which is to visibly promote self-expression over gun violence as a mental health exercise and life-coping mechanisms.

The message is simple when experienced: Guns down, Pens Up!

Instagram : rossvictoryofficial

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