Royal photos send fans into a spin - so who do Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte look like?

Rebecca Taylor
Royal Correspondent
The photos were released to mark Prince William's 38th birthday. (The Duchess of Cambridge)

Royal fans were treated to not one, not two, but five new or never before seen royal photographs over the weekend, as Prince William turned 38 and they marked Father’s Day.

Late on Saturday evening, Kensington Palace shared new images of William with his three children, and added a bonus picture on Sunday too.

And Clarence House shared a new image of William with his dad Prince Charles, as the Duchess of Cambridge shared a throwback with her father, Michael Middleton.

The bumper set of pictures led to a flurry of theories of which Cambridge child looks like their parents, or their grandparents.

Lots of fans thought Prince Louis, the youngest of the Cambridge clan, looks like his grandfather Michael Middleton, who is Kate’s dad.

One said: “Prince Louis looks so much like Grandad Middleton.”

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Another wrote: “Prince Louis got the Middleton blood running thru his veins a literal carbon copy of his mom and grandpa.”

Another said: “The picture taken by Catherine is just heartwarming. also, another proof that Prince Louis is definitely Catherine's carbon copy plus grandpa Mike's carbon copy too, that Middleton blood is just strong more pictures please.”

Meanwhile there was more speculation over who Charlotte looks like, with many suggesting the Spencer genes have proved strong and that she looks like Diana.

The young princess has the same smile as her late grandmother according to royal watchers.

One said: “I know I do this every time a new photo of Charlotte is published but Charlotte has William’s smile that is really Diana’s smile. Her smile is sooo Diana. Also, Charlotte is a beautiful little girl.”

Others noted that she is “benefitting from tall Spencer genes”.

But another disagreed saying: “Charlotte has Mike Middletons eyes. She doesn’t look a thing like Princess Diana.”

When the birthday photos of Princess Charlotte were released, royals fans were quick to notice how similar the princess looked to her father when he was younger.

And when Louis’s photos were released, fans thought he was a perfect merger of his older brother and sister, saying he had the features of George and the colouring of Charlotte.

Prince William and his wife Kate have been in Anmer Hall throughout lockdown and it’s not clear when they might travel back to London, where Kensington Palace is their usual residence.

George, six, and Charlotte, five, have been homeschooled while the family is in Norfolk, and last week, Kate and William returned to in-person duties after several weeks of solely virtual engagements.