Rucha Gujarathi On Spending Last Few Months Of Pregnancy In Lockdown: 'Cancelled My Baby Shower Because Of COVID-19'- EXCLUSIVE

The global pandemic has hit world's economy, claimed lives and also taken away the joy of celebrating special moments from people's life. TV actress Rucha Gujarathi, who is currently 9-months pregnant, had to cancel a lavish baby shower, which she had planned in April. 

The actress, who is married to businessman Vishal Jaiswal, spoke to us at length and here's what all she shared with us: 

When is the baby arriving?

I am already in my ninth month, so anytime soon.

Must be a tsunami of emotions inside you right now?

I am embarking a new journey altogether. So, everyday the kind of love and suggestions I get from my family, relatives and friends make me feel so good. It's indeed a happy moment. However, the current crisis keeps disturbing my mind.

What kind of stress do you feel?

At the back of the mind, I am always worried about the situation in Maharashtra as it's just getting worse with each passing day. But we are taking a lot of precautions like washing hands and sanitizing often. Whenever I have to step out  for my checkups I am wearing a mask and other protective gears. We were thinking it will settle down in a month's time and will not spread but the current results are scary. 

Did you have your baby shower?

We had planned a baby shower, in fact, the venue was booked, advance payment was made and I had finalised my outfit too. Return gifts were bought and most importantly invites were sent and my relatives had booked their tickets already. But we had to cancel all that because of COVID-19 as no social gathering is allowed now. We basically do the baby shower in the 7 month or 9 month but due to the extension of lockdowns we couldn't do it at all.

What was the date finalised?

April 19 initially but when the lockdown extended, we thought that we have the option of doing it in the 9th month too. Now, we are just praying things get settled soon, so that after my baby's arrival, we can have a good celebration.

What are you expecting- a girl or a boy?

We are just waiting for a health baby. A girl or a boy doesn't matter. Our aim will be to give him/her best life possible. 

How are you managing things at home, as domestic helps are not allowed?

It is difficult as maids are not coming. But luckily I have Vishal with me and most importantly my mother is staying with me ever since this whole lockdown was announced. So, things are getting managed. In fact, it's my mother who is taking care of all my pregnancy cravings as everything outside is shut.

What all you crave to eat?

Recently, I was craving for jalebi but making it at home is not very easy. But she managed somehow. Also pani puri and samosas are something I keep craving for all the time. 

image source:-instagram/ruchagujarathi24

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