Rudy Giuliani fires back at his critics from both sides of the aisle

The president's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, joined The Ingraham Angle Thursday where he fired back at his critics from both sides of the aisle, and praised himself for being a "legitimate whistleblower."

Giuliani found himself at the center of this week's Ukraine controversy after the White House released a transcript memo that confirmed that President Trump requested Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden for corruption. And while many praised the whistleblower whose complaint resulted in the release of the transcripts, Giuliani denied that it was an abuse of power by the president and congratulated himself for exposing Biden.

"I actually think they should all congratulate me because if it weren't for me, nobody would have uncovered and faced massive corruption by the vice president of the United States. In fact, I'm a legitimate whistleblower," proclaimed Giuliani.

Biden has repeatedly denied Giuliani's corruption allegations. Biden echoed that denial on Wednesday when he told Jimmy Kimmel that no credible journalist had found any evidence that supports the corruption claims.

In response, Giuliani told Ingraham, "I can't look at Biden. I have a visceral reaction to a man that sells public office. And he's been doing it since he was a senator."

Giuliani also called out Sen. Kamala Harris for not understanding the Sixth Amendment after she spoke out against the former mayor in a couple of interviews earlier in the day.

"If Kamala Harris weren't a phony, she would be saying I'm shocked that a vice president of the United States sold out his office for $8 million and we haven't gotten to China yet or at least sold out his office again," added Giuliani.

Giuliani then took aim at Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who called the transcripts of Trump's call with Ukraine “deeply troubling.” Addressing Romney's remarks, Giuliani said, "Look, Mitt. Trump did what you couldn't do. Trump has the ability to relate to people; you don't. That's always been true."

Even Trump's administration wasn't safe from Giuliani. Ingraham asked if there was any truth to a New York Times reporter's claim that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was unhappy with the former mayor for his problematic public remarks. Giuliani fired back: "His state department, you know, asked me to do this. So Mike, if you're unhappy with me, I'm sorry, but I accomplished my mission.

In the end, Giuliani didn't seem to be fazed by all the attacks. He told Ingraham that he predicted this would happen. "The minute I laid out the evidence against Biden, they were going to kill me. They're going to try to kill me. I told my colleague, ‘too bad Biden's involved in this, those Washington swamp people are going to come after me like crazy,’" added Giuliani

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