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Shaheer Sheikh

After the legacy left by BR Chopra’s Mahabharat, it was nearly impossible to find actors that would impress the audience, but this young lawyer from Kashmir slipped into the role of the warrior prince Arjuna like none other. His unbeatable style and convincing acting made him one of the most loved characters in the epic. The actor has a dedicated fan base in Indonesia as well and has been part of many Indonesian projects.

We rummaged through your favorite shows to list down the hottest male actors on television

Gone are the days when stylish men in India were found only on the ramps or the glamourous big screen. Men whom you have seen on your television screen everyday are now giving a tough competition to their aforementioned counterparts in the area of style and charisma.

The industry is brimming with fresh faces and immense talent in all genders. And here some of the most stylish men on television who have won your hearts, over and over again.