Rumor Alert: BTS Jhope And Becky G Have Left ARMYs In A Frenzy With Their Secrets! #CNS

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Rumor Alert_ BTS Jhope And Becky G Have Left ARMYs In A Frenzy With Their Secrets! #CNS-min

Seems like BTS is yet again making headlines right after they comeback to the limelight since their short ‘extended period of rest’! And, BTS Jhope’s Twitter conversation with Becky G is definitely getting us excited!

It was only recently that BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeondan came back to the limelight from their extended period of rest, and while they’ve been giving us some major goals for relaxation and travelling with their oh-so-good pics going viral on the netspace, we can’t help but get excited about Jhope‘s twt convo with dear friend Becky G!

And, now that we’ve been successfully sent into a frenzy by BTS and Becky G, all we and ARMYs can only think about is— BTS or more specifically Jhope and Becky G may have a collaboration coming up!!!

Now, BTS members have been collaborating with many other international artists, who’re just as keen to join the members for a song. Some have the whole group while some have different singular members!

We also know that Jhope has been pretty much very vocal on his interest to collab with Becky G. Moreover, back in June, Becky G hinted at a collaboration with BTS at an interview with iHeartRadio’s 103.5 KTU, but she did not reveal any details.

Fans have been speculating about a collaboration between Becky G and J-Hope ever since he traveled to Los Angeles, United States for an overseas promotion event in August, right after the group went for their short period of hiatus.

Following that, came some insta story snippets from Becky, as she posted a clip of Korean snacks the day after J-Hope arrived in Los Angeles, ARMYs believed this to mean that the two had met up and were preparing for a collaboration.

However, we’ve never been more excited than now, as we got glimpses of a ‘Cryptic’ Twitter conversation taking place in-between the two artists, and seems like something major might just be heading our way! Take a look below:

While that’s a one part of the theory, there’s also rumors that Jhope and Becky G’s secrets might’ve something to do with the popular The Masked Singer show, too! Well, only time can tell that apart!

Meanwhile, BTS are rumored to make a comeback soon in October, while there have been news that BigHit entertainment company has submitted Map Of Soul: Persona as Album of the Year for Grammys nominations alongwith BTS Japanese single Lights and Boy With Love ft. Halsey!

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