Runners Spot Plethora of Snakes Intertwined With Tree Branches Off Trail in Georgia

A couple out on a run came across a variety of snakes intertwined in branches piled beneath a trail bridge in Cumming, Georgia, on May 6.

Lydia du Preez, who shot this footage, told Storyful she and her husband were stretching on Big Creek Greenway when they noticed “slight movement” by the Bethelview Road Trailhead bridge.

“We looked more closely and realized there were snakes — actually lots of snakes,” she told Storyful. “There were literally dozens of them slithering around in the swampy area below the bridge in the debris. It looked as if the ground was moving!”

In the video, snakes can be seen strewn across the waterway debris basking in the spring sun. Some of the snakes slither and coil around each other.

“We were shocked to see so many of them all in one place together, especially at such a popular, heavily trafficked area!” du Preez said. “We’ve been here so many times and have seen an occasional critter on the trail, but we have never seen anything like this before!” Credit: Lydia du Preez via Storyful