A Russian petrol pump offered free fuel to people wearing bikini and it didn't go well

Olvi gas station in Samara, Russia came up with a unique marketing strategy where they offered free fuel to anybody who comes wearing a bikini.

We're pretty sure that the person who came up with this idea, wasn't expecting men dressed in bikinis for free fuel.

Well, that's what exactly happened!

After this gas station in Russia offered free fuel for anybody who sports a bikini, some men took adavantage of the loophole and enjoyed this generous offer.

Some even went a little extra and wore a pair of heels with their bikinis.

Although this offer lasted for only three hours, the gas station did get a lot of publicity.

Men were seen wearing tiny, skimpy bikinis standing the queue for the free fuel.

This publicity stunt garnered a lot of attention on the internet. It defines the phrase, 'Only in Russia.'

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