Ryan Reynolds celebrates 5th anniversary of 'Deadpool' with letter to fan

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Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

Washington [US], February 14 (ANI): Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds celebrated the 5th anniversary of the first 'Deadpool' movie by sharing a response letter he wrote back to a fan, upon the release of the film. Unfortunately, the letter had never got mailed.

According to Deadline, the 'Safe House' actor shared a letter on his Instagram handle, sent to him by a fan named Hunter on March 10, 2016, purportedly as part of an English class assignment. In it, the fan had asked for advice on being "more badass like you."

Captioning the post, Ryan wrote, 'Five years later, I'm still in awe of Deadpool fans. Hunter wrote me this letter after #Deadpool came out and somehow my response never got mailed. Holds up. Mostly.'

In the response, dated March 16, 2016, in true Ryan Reynolds fashion, he offered some solid advice, "Commit to one thing. For me, it's acting. No messing around with random business ventures like other celebs."

Ironically, as per Deadline, Reynolds sold his Aviation Gin for USD 610 million in 2020. He also noted in his reply that "acting and I are like Tom Brady and New England: together forever."

Brady, recently won the Super Bowl in his first season playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, located more than 1,300 miles from New England. (ANI)