Sachin Dohdiya shows how passion and determination can fulfil every dream

Social Media Influencer and an Entrepreneur, Sachin Dohdiya and Online Fitness Trainer shows us from transforming himself, he is changing people lives by helping and training them.

Young Sachin who is 21 believes that “nothing is impossible”.

If he can do it you can definitely do it with correct knowledge and hard work.

Talking about his fitness journey, Sachin says, "It all started in summer 2014. When I completed my 12th board exams, a boy who was skinny, everyone used to make fun of me I really wanted to change but I was a 100 pound skinny guy with no strength and this was really challenging for me to bring a change. But I made a decision to look better I seriously had no goals like to look muscular, I just wanted to look normal."

“As we all know bodybuilding requires lot of money so my parents weren’t in favour of using any kind of supplements so I had this thing clear in my mind that I have to work and earn enough to Buy Supplements and Food for me. When I joined the college, I started Freelancing Jobs Online.

The Roads were not easy.

I really wanted to be in sweaty pants I am afraid to remain dry.

Having discipline & firm mindset isn’t easy but goal to become having a defined physique is easy to follow the rules and stick to a routine.

There is always something behind which teaches us and inspire in journey. We call Him “GOD”. My God Is “Arnold Schwarzenegger”. He is my motivation from the day I started my fitness journey.

As we say hard work always pays off and here are fruits of it.

After 3 Years of continuity in Training and Diet, I competed at district bodybuilding competition – Mr. Ajmer, Mr. Rajasthan and got first in my weight category in both the tournaments.”

Sachin has an amazing Instagram page where inspires people to workout. You can interact with him and learn more about the tricks which will help you. You can follow him here - Have an Amazing Instagram Page where he inspires People to workout you can interact with him and learn more about the tricks which will help you. You can follow him @sachindohdiya.