Sahaja Yoga: No place for cowards

Sahaja Yoga is not meant for useless people and cowards who have no courage. It’s not meant for people who run after money and who run after all these material things.

Specially the first people who are the foundation of Sahaja Yoga, they have to be people of great calibre and of great desire to achieve their state of emancipation, because they are the people who are going to save the whole humanity. They are the ones who are going to manifest the salvation of this doomed humanity.

Those who are weak can be strengthened because the energy lies within them. Those who are unhealthy can be cured. Those who are mentally disturbed can be brought round.

But there is no place for cowards in this. You have to be courageous and cheerful people for one thing, because you represent that Force which is fighting for the Divine.

For God Almighty, you are His hands and you have to be wise, also. Stupid people are no good. Stupidity can never help you to rise. You have to be wise people. Useless people, those who run after nonsensical things, let them go wherever they like, they’ll come back when their time and turn will come. We need not have many people for this.

Very few can save the world, but they have to be strong and absolutely established in their understanding of the powers of their Spirit, powers of their Father who is Almighty.

Don’t worry what happened to you before getting Self-Realization. Those who ponder over these things will not achieve much. Past is past, is finished now. Today, you are facing me and I am facing you. This is the present.