Saif Ali Khan on Chef’s failure: These days people don’t want to spend money on marketing, they send the actors to Bigg Boss

moumita bhattacharjee
Saif Ali Khan has figured why Chef failed at the box office.

Saif Ali Khan is ready to return to the big screen with Kaalakaandi which will release on January 12, 2018. He didn’t really have a great 2017 as far as films go. His last release Chef was a major disaster! In fact, at a time when niche films are doing crazy business at the box office, his movie couldn’t even manage to earn the meagre investment cost 0f 20-25 crore within three days of release. Later, it just crashed out of the theatres. Of course, it is quite a setback for the actor who has been looking for a hit desperately. All his last films have been disappointments and the way Chef’s trailer was received, people expected it to invite decent footfall. So when recently he was asked to reveal why the film tanked, Saif blamed it on marketing.

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PTI quoted him saying, “I don’t think it was even publicised correctly. I didn’t see enough buzz around the film. It’s ok doing interviews, but you’ve to show the trailer, show hoardings, spend some money. These days, people don’t want to spend money on marketing, they send the actors to Bigg Boss or Comedy Nights with Kapil to talk about the movie, thinking it’ll help, but it won’t.” Clearly the actor thinks the whole exercise of being on reality shows talking about the film doesn’t influence the audience choice. Well we hope the team who handled Chef is reading this.

But Saif still feels Chef had its own moments. He added, “I liked his (Raja Krishna Menon) attempt, it was a little European in flavour, and the drama could be a bit more, and I think he generally avoids drama. I think the palette of the film was a little western, I have also got some good reviews, but then some things are really not in your control.”