Salim Khan: Salman's Nephew Abdullah, Who Died On March 30, Survived A Serious Truck Accident Which Killed 2 Others, Six Months Ago- EXCLUSIVE

Yesterday morning, we woke up to the sad news that Salman Khan's nephew (his paternal cousin's son) Abdullah has passed away. Salman had put this up on his Twitter handle. The news was also shocking; Abdullah was only 38.

Abdullah, an Indore resident, passed away in a Mumbai hospital. The body was taken to Indore.   

A few minutes back, we spoke to Salim Khan. 

Excerpts from the conversation:

Sir, we are very sorry to hear about Abdullah's death...

Yes, it was very sad.


What happened to him?

He had diabetes, which made his health deteriorate. Every patient behaves individually to medicines. Medicines didn't work on him much.

His heart gave up. He died of cardiac arrest.

And he's survived by?

Well, he was the only son of his parents. And, he had a girlfriend. She has also left for Indore. The cremation must be over by now.

If you could please continue...

He was a very healthy and strong person before diabetes took over him. He was a lot into exercises. 

But yes, he met with a very serious accident sometime ago.


About six months back.

What had happened?

Abdullah was coming from Indore in a car. Two people were changing his tyres while he had parked his car aside. A truck came from behind and hit them.

And then?

Abdullah was brought to Mumbai. Thankfully, he healed in Lilavati Hospital here in about 15-20 days and went back.

Did you'll know that he's slipping this time?

He was ailing since some time. Yes, the doctors had said that his chances of recovery are very slim.

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