Salma Hayek dances in bikini top in throwback from movie

Salma Hayek dances in bikini top in throwback from movie

Salma Hayek showed off her ageless beauty on Instagram again by posting a clip from a 15-year-old movie in which she dances in a bikini top.

The post, with a tongue-in-cheek caption, "Once upon a time... when I was skinny," caused hundreds of fans to comment that the actress looks "amazing then and now!"

On Thursday, Salma Hayek, 53, shared a clip from 2004’s After the Sunset, in which she dances with co-star Pierce Brosnan, wearing only a black bikini top and miniskirt to showcase her enviable body. 

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Despite the seemingly self-deprecating caption, written in both English and Spanish, Hayek's 12 million followers chimed in to offer their support, and to add that Hayek is drop-dead gorgeous at literally any weight. 

"You looked amazing then and now!!" one fan commented.

"Even then you were gorgeous [now] you’re a full woman who is voluptuous," another shared.

"You look better with your curves!" one person wrote.

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“Once upon a time? What are you talking about! You’re just as beautiful now as you were when I first saw you in Desperado!” another long-time fan shared. 

Even Brosnan showed up in the comments, writing, "Yer still a slip of lass." You can practically hear his Irish accent.

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The 2004 movie certainly wasn't the last time Hayek showed off her figure. Last month, the 53-year-old Oscar-nominated actress caused over 700,000 people to double tap her bikini photo where she appears makeup-free. 

To celebrate her 53rd birthday on Sept. 2, the star shared a sultry bikini snap, proving she wasn't bothered by turning another year older. 

“Yes, tomorrow I turn 53. So!?” she wrote.