Salman Khan Faces Potential Ban For Working With Mika

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Singer Mika Singh was banned by Federation of Western India Cine Employees association (FWICE) for his performance at a wedding in Karachi. He now awaits the final decision which will be out after he meets the members of the association.

The federation has also said that if any artist works with Mika, then he or she too would also be banned. They were reportedly indicating towards an upcoming six-city tour in the US where Salman Khan will perform with Mika.

The show title goes with ‘Close and Personal With Salman Khan’ and has been scheduled for next week. Mika is also expected to join them in Houston, which is scheduled to take place on August 28.

“If we impose a ban, it means all our technicians — including actors, directors and even spot boys — will not work with Mika. If someone works with Mika during this ban, say Salman or anyone else, then he too will be banned”, said the general of the association, Mr Ashok Dubey.

The show has been put forth by Sohail Khan in association with one Jordy Patel’s company called JA Events in India and Bhavesh Patel in the US.

Jordy was quoted saying, “We are only dealing with Bhavesh Patel as our contract is with him. Some local promoter in the US must have signed on Mika and added him to the line-up. Salman will have nothing to do with Mika at the event. They will not even interact on stage.”

Mika has also reportedly put forth a video where he apologised to the nation. Let us know what do you feel about Mika’s situation and his recent antics.

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