Salman Khan helps Bigg Boss create history on television

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Salman Khan helps Bigg Boss create history on television

Regarded as the most celebrated and lovable superstar of the nation, Salman Khan takes things a notch higher by being a part of it. He is one of the few actors to have taken a reality show on a level that is unimaginable. His larger than life persona and his superstardom have boomed the TRPs every time he’s on air.

It’s a challenge for anybody to keep hosting a reality show for a year but such is the power and charisma of Salman Khan that he has managed to do it for a decade and yet keep his cool and unflappable charm intact. The only other megastar who enjoys such popularity is Amitabh Bachchan on Kaun Banega Crorepati which is a regular quiz show and without its share of debates. It is to Salman’s credit that he handles all the controversies and heated arguments with savoir-faire, grace, and tact. When he talks, the contestants listen.

When he comes on air to host the Weekend Ka Vaar, the world almost comes to a standstill where he can even be brutally honest. Thanks to Salman’s mega-stardom, the show has reached 213 million viewers on television. It gained 10.5 million impressions in the final episode with four hashtags trending worldwide on Twitter, the same night and Bigg Boss 13 was the highest-rated one ever. The show has broken many television records.

Over the last decade, Salman Khan has turned the show on his head. His unique style of hosting has made the show almost like one of Bollywood’s hugely entertaining movies where Salman has a direct connection with everyone – from all age groups, masses and classes with a pan Indian appeal. Thanks to the immense popularity of the show’s host, it has spawned other regional variations of it. And strong brand partnerships for the channel, Colors TV, including increasing its own reach across India.

That today, Salman (besides Big B) is the most successful superstar and the Big Boss of Indian television is indisputable. As he scales new heights with every season, the show becomes bigger and better with Salman’s grand surprises, valuable creative inputs, impromptu improvisations and interesting changes made in the format every year.

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