Salman Khan Loses His Cool On Paras Chhabra, Tells Him To Lower His Voice

Amar Singh Rathore

Salman Khan has a lot of patience but when it is crossed, no one is spared and the same happened to Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra. Read on…

Bigg Boss and Salman Khan have been synonymous with record-breaking TRP’s ever since it was introduced to Indian television. The killer combination has reached the 13th season and Bigg Boss 13 has emerged as that Indian reality TV-show which has recorded the highest TRP’s ever. But every coin has a flip side and same happened when the host, Salman lost his cool on one of the in-house contestants, Paras Chhabra when he crossed the line with the Bollywood actor.

See it yourself here…

Salman started the discussion by questioning the morality of the brewing friendship between Paras and Mahira Sharma which looks more than friendship. He said,

“Paras and Mahira whatever you are doing does not look like friendship. It looks more than friendship…”

This agitated Paras and he raised his voice and ended up saying that it is all rubbish & he doesn’t care about it. He said,

“Please tell the creatives not to do this… Where is Akanksha’s name coming from…”

This angered Salman to an extent where he clearly shouted at Paras asking him to lower his voice and not show any starry tantrums. Salman said,

“She (Akanksha) has called me up to find out what is happening… You keep your voice down.”

To this, Paras had no answer and Salman ended the matter by saying that he should behave in a sane manner and by living for just 100 odd days inside the house doesn’t make him a star. Well, seems like Salman knows how to keep things under control which he did and it was required as well because Paras has been often seen behaving like a rebel inside the house.

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