Is Salman Khan Playing Peacemaker Between Kapil Sharma And Sunil Grover? Here's The Truth - EXCLUSIVE

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Every few months the rumour about comedian Sunil Grover returning to the Kapil Sharma Show re-surfaces like a bad penny. One doesn’t know who starts these rumours or where these rumours come from. But the fact is, there is no question of Grover returning to Kapil Sharma’s show.

“The two have gone far beyond a reconciliation,” a source very close to Kapil tells me. “And one really wonders who keeps restarting these rumours. Because it’s certainly not coming from Kapil. The show is off the air. If and when it comes back the lineup of comic actors will be the same as before it went off the air. So sorry, no Grover.”

Ever since Sunil Grover broke away from Kapil Sharma’s show he has been struggling to find a foothold in the entertainment industry. Grover’s closeness to Salman Khan yielded a strong supporting role in Bharat. Most recently Grover was part of the controversial Tandav. But nothing has been going the way Grover hoped. His attempts at doing his own solo comedy show on television have been no less than unmitigated disasters.

Someone recently started a rumour about Salman Khan initiating a Grover-Sharma patch-up: completely untrue, it turns out.

Kapil’s friend wants to know why Salman’s name is being dragged into a dead issue. “Why would Salman take any interest in bringing Kapil and Sunil together? He has his hands full with enough.This is of no interest to him.”

As for the chances of a reconciliation Kapil’s friend states, “It’s nil. After their fight in 2017 Kapil sent several feelers to Grover. He didn’t respond. After that there has been no communication between the two of them.”

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