Salman Khan’s Tubelight co-star Zhu Zhu will NOT come to India to promote the film, Kabir Khan confirms

Aarti Iyengar
Contrary to what Kabir Khan had promised earlier, Zhu Zhu's busy schedule has resulted in her being unable to give dates to the team for Tubelight promotions.

We’ve got some bad news for fans expecting to see Salman Khan’s Tubelight co-star Zhu Zhu in India. She won’t be able to make it for the promotions! Contrary to what Kabir Khan had promised earlier, looks like the Chinese actress’ busy schedule has resulted in her being unable to give dates to the team for promotions. At a fun event where Salman along with the Tubelight team introduced child artiste Matin Rey Tangu, the filmmaker confirmed the news. He stated, “She is busy in China, so she can’t come here.” There goes our last strand of hope to see Zhu Zhu and Bhai promote the film together. For the longest time, the makers kept us on the edge giving us hopes that there is a possibility that the actress might be able to visit India and share the stage with the superstar.

While we may not be able to see Zhu Zhu here, the good news is we’ll get to see her a lot in the film, that is set to release this week. Earlier, during an interview, Kabir was quoted as saying, “Heroines have always played strong roles in my films. Zhu Zhu plays an important role in the film but we can’t talk about it.” This is positive news for fans who wish to see more of the Chinese actress along with Bhai. Although the film won’t be released in China on the same day as in India, but the good news lies in the fact that the audience there will go for the film, thanks to Zhu Zhu. “China market is different when it comes to releasing Indian films. The film has to be presented to them, they have to like it and then pass it. They have certain guidelines to release a film,” Kabir says.

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The makers held a special event just to introduce their young talent, Matin. The child artiste along with his family, was present for the event. Salman and Matin’s camaraderie was at it’s peak, at the event. They both were cracking lame jokes but entertaining the audience, nevertheless! Tubelight is actually an adaptation of an English film, Little Boy. The filmmaker himself stated it as he said, “Our film is an adaptation of ‘Little Boy’. We have taken the germ of idea and made it according to our sensibilities. We have made it in context of our history.”

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