Salman Khan To Watch Radhe With Family On Eid - EXCLUSIVE

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Here is something that Salman Khan has never done, but is finally about to do. Watch one of his own films, beginning to end.

Salman is known to be impatient with movie-watching. He has never been able to watch any of his films completely.

One of his director-friends told me, “Bhai has not seen any of his film completely, from beginning to end. Bits and pieces here and then. But not the entire film.”

That is about to change. This Eid Salman will watch Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai when it premiers on the Zee network on May 13.

The director-friend reveals, “That is the plan. This is the first Eid when one of Bhai’s films will be releasing right in his living room. He plans to catch Radhe with his entire family on Eid.”

The Zee network hopes to make at least 45 percent of its investments in the film on Eid and over the following weekend. The rest of the investment is expected to roll in as the week from release moves forward.

Says Shariq Patel Chief Business Officer Zee Studios, “Our expectation from Radhe are that it is viewed by the maximum possible audience and it gives everyone watching it at least 2 hours of entertainment amidst all the gloom that one is seeing around them.”

Image source: Imbd

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