Salman Khan's bodyguard Shera speaks about the time he spent with Justin Bieber as his personal bodyguard

On the 10th of May, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber stormed Mumbai city like never before as he brought his Purpose tour here. Whether you liked the concert or not is highly subjective but you cannot disagree on the fact that every minute detail about the star became the talk of the town.

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To top it all, Salman Khan had asked his personal bodyguard Shera to personally protect and escort the pop star while in the city. Shera was 24/7 with Justin and has a lot to share about his experience with Bieber. Talking to an entertainment portal, Shera said, “I got the call from White Fox about two months ago when they asked me to send in my portfolio. They thought I could handle it.”

Speaking about the time he spent with Bieber, the real-life Bodyguard said, “I was deployed with Justin 24X7. I took him to see the Gateway of India, we went for a walk, he wanted to stop for a coffee, and I even took him to Shivaji Park where he played some football with the kids.“

Wondering, what Justin loves to do in free time? Shera has the answer. “He loves spending time with kids and so that’s what he did. He is a boy, just like every other boy, He wants his personal space. He wants to be left alone. He wants to do his own thing. In short, he just wants to live his life.”

Further, Shera said, “On the night I took him to see Mumbai, he (Justin) told me, ‘I like travelling like this’,”

Shera also spoke about Salman Khan and how his work is paramount to him. “He [Salman Khan’ is my God and the man who made me whatever I am today. I honestly don’t know what I would have been if not Salman Khan’s personal bodyguard. I would have been someone who had a small security agency… I don’t know. I only have Salman Khan to thank for all that I have today. I owe it all to the man I call Maalik”.

We must remember that Shera has also provided personal security to international stars including Michael Jackson.