‘Salman Is A Man With A Golden Heart,’ Says Remo D’Souza’s Wife Lizelle, 'Salman Was Personally In Touch With The Team Of Doctors'

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News of Choreographer-director Remo D’Souza being hospitalized due to a heart attack shocked everyone. Post which his wife Lizelle D’Souza kept his fans posted about his health updates, now as per reports in ETimes, the director’s wife revealed Salman Khan helped her right from day 1. As per the source, Lizelle called up Salman Khan as soon as Remo was taken to Kokilaben Hospital after suffering a heart attack. Followed by whatever happened proved the actor has a heart of gold.

The source shared "The first call that Lizelle made upon reaching the hospital was to Salman. Salman was on another call but he called back in 5 minutes. Lizelle was breaking down as the doctor who had by then attended to Remo had told her that it was a major heart attack." Later the actor got in touch with the doctors who were handling Remo’s medical treatment. Continued to be in touch with the team of doctors when he underwent a surgery and was only relieved after Remo was shifted out of the operation theatre.

"In a jiffy, Salman personally was in touch with the team of doctors who were controlling Remo's vital parameters and telling them that they have to get Remo out of this. Throughout the surgery, he kept making calls to whomsoever it was required in the hospital and he stopped only after Remo was wheeled out from the Operation Theatre. An angioplasty was done and not an angiography as reported earlier, ” shared the source.

The source also revealed the Lizelle was given 2 choices either an angioplasty or an Injection which would help dissolve the block. “Lizelle had been given two choices: Either an angioplasty or a. Injection that can dissolve the blockage. The doctor told her if it was someone from his kith and kin he would have opted for angioplasty,” added the source. ALSO READ: Salman Khan Birthday: Remo D'Souza Pens A Heartfelt Wish For The Race 3 Star; Says 'THANK YOU' For His Unconditional Support

Salman Khan’s words comforted Lizelle and gave her strength as she was alone with only a friend with her, when Remo underwent surgery. “You know how it is when we all get our near and dear ones admitted in a hospital. We are always worried if we have made the right decision and very uncertain about what lies ahead. Salman's entry into the picture flayed Lizelle's fears completely. Before she got in touch with Salman, she could not remember anything beyond her 21 years of togetherness with Remo. She hadn't even informed her kids about Remo's condition; the elder son was fast asleep and the younger one was at the gym.”

After Remo was discharged from the hospital, Salman was constantly in touch with Lizelle asking about his well being. “Even after Remo came home, three days ago, Salman kept in touch with Lizelle asking about Remo,” says the source. ALSO READ: Remo D'Souza's Wife Pens A Heartfelt Note Post Choreographer's Recovery; Thanks Salman Khan And Others For Being A Strong Support

As the publication got in touch with Lizelle she said, “I don't want to elaborate on this but everyone knows Salman is a man with a golden heart.”

ETimes’ source recalling about the day when Remo suffered a heart attack, mentioned Remo was exercising followed by asking Lizelle too also work out, later Remo complained of pain in his chest, “Remo was on the treadmill for a while and then doing a few exercises with the foam ball in his building's gym. He told Lizelle to work out too. Suddenly he complained of pain in the middle of the chest. The couple initially suspected acidity. Reaching upstairs, however, Remo started vomiting.” ALSO READ: After Getting Discharged From The Hospital Remo D’Souza Says, 'I Am Much Better'-EXCLUSIVE

With Lizelle later checking his heart beat and ECG, further being panic, “Lizelle checked his heart rate via Apple Watch and it was quite okay as it read 106. However when she tried an ECG it said 'Non-conclusive'. That made her panic and what followed after that I have told you with all the details,” the source added.

Image Source: Instagram/lizelleremodsouza/beingsalmankhan

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