Saloni Panda- An inspiration to today’s Youth

Saloni Panda

Saloni Panda, 21, started her page on Instagram at the age of 19.

Link of her instagram page: 

She started it as a hobby and is now making it big in the industry. She started achieving a lot at a very young age and is a true inspiration to today’s youth.’ My hard work and dedication and the immense support of my family has got me where I am today’ She says.


She has inspired many budding young bloggers and influencers. “I often get a lot of messages and emails from people where they tell me how they gave been inspired by my work and that is what makes me feel blessed,” she adds. 


Saloni‘s page consists of a lot of her homemade food that she presents with her beautiful plating skills. Over the 2 years of her page, she has collaborated with many big brands and has also been invited by various high-end hotels and restaurants. She believes that being true to your work is the main success mantra. ‘Never cheat on yourself and your work, be hardworking and determined to achieve your goal and nothing can stop you from succeeding in life’ she says. 


Saloni recently lost her father but she didn’t give up. She continued to work passionately every single day and has been making her family proud. ‘I know that papa is watching us from heaven and he is proud of us. Such situations in life make you a stronger person and I will continue to work hard every single day because I know that bad days do not last long’ she says. She is a true example of courage, determination and hard work. 


Apart from being a Social Media influencer, she is also a home-chef, a versatile Odissi Dancer & Choreographer and is also Malaysia Book Of Records holder for Abacus and Mental Arithmetic. She has also received many recognitions in all her fields. She aims to achieve more and more and make her family proud. It is her dream to host a TV show someday and travel all over the world to explore the different food cultures. 

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