Sam Worthington to star in western 'The Last Son of Isaac LeMay'

Radhika Sharma

Los Angeles, Nov 10 (PTI) Sam Worthington is heading to the wild wild West with 'The Last Son of Isaac LeMay'.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 'Avatar' star will play a promiscuous gunslinger in the action western, to be directed by David Von Ancken.

The film follows Isaac LeMay (Worthington), who learns from a soothsayer that he is cursed and will be killed by one of his children.

To prevent the curse, he tracks down his kids, whose bloodlines are confirmed by a hereditary birthmark. He finally finds his son Cal, who is on a murdering rampage. With bounty hunters and the sheriff chasing them, LeMay must find a way to stop his son.

Ancken, best known for 'Seraphian Falls' will direct from a Blacklist script by Greg Johnson.

Andre Relis and Jib Polhemus are attached to produce. PTI RDSRDS