Same-same but different

Amongst the many fashion trends that regularly catch people’s fancy, twinning has become popular not just amongst couples but also friends and family. But there is a method to this fashion madness, which one needs to crack.

Asked to define twinning and also explain its popularity, Subarna Devendran, Founder-Owner, SD Couture, reveals, “Twinning is having a similar liking for fashion and sharing it with someone. A lot of celebrity stylists have styled mothers and daughters and even couples in twinning outfits. Twinning has gained popularity if done by a couple or a group; it then grabs attention. It has gained momentum in the past few years and has become a fun trend among friends and family.”

Uzair Parvez Khan who is the Founder-Director of Luxury bespoke label ‘Uzairs’, has an interesting perspective to share. “Whether accidental or intentional, twinning is a way to show a strong style statement or an affection bond (for couples and family) that those who sport the trend like to strongly portray in the form of clothes or styling.

It hasn’t been a new concept to us, but is blazoned these days mainly because of celebrity influence and social media. Siblings, friends and couples want to try it on for various occasions after watching them.”

Ask whether any celebs are able to ace the twinning trend, or mention any designer who has recreated the look, and the responses are immediate. Uzair finds Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra twinning at Cannes this year to be a great envoy of this trend.

“I already am in love with Priyanka’s dress sense, and this time she nailed it in the ethereal white gown with Nick wearing that classy white tux. Other than that, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are also my favourites when it comes to couple twinning.”

Subarna reveals, “Deepika and Ranveer, and Kim Kardashian and North are a few celebrities who have played the twinning game well. Now even designers make custom-made twinning outfits for customers.”

Needless to add, there is a method to go about twinning in different ways on different occasions. Subarna states, “This trend has taken fashion to a new level and influenced a lot of people worldwide.

Twinning can be done through similar designs, colours, prints, etc. But what we’re seeing now is that twinning is not only being restricted to a particular occasion, it can be for a wedding or casual parties, etc.”

Uzair feels it is vital to look synced yet have individualistic traits at the same time. “You can play with contrast colours if the print or design is the same. The motif and prints can be used in different sizes and colours.

If your partner is taller than you, you can give him/her a full length outfit with you wearing a shorter one. The silhouette or motifs can be created in mirror images in a way that if two stand together, it makes a complete formation.”

Accessorising these attire would be simple too. Uzair states, “Go for classic colours like white and black that can never go wrong; remember that less is more. 

You can twin in handbags and jewellery if it’s with your BFF or sister. Couples can play with colours and motifs. Match your fabrics that have prominent textures like denim or corduroy. Other accessories like phone covers and watches can be matched.”

Subarna, on the other hand, reveals, “Accessories that can be used well for twinning are statement belts, white sneakers, T-shirts to luxury watches and sunglasses too.”

However, would overdoing the twinning trend be a bad idea, if you don’t know how to go about it? Subarna believes with twinning, there is little chance of going wrong. “Two different outfits in the same colour or the same print can never go wrong. Accessorise further with the same colours to be a little bit more alike!”

Uzair’s advice is quite simple to follow. “Do not wear exactly the same outfit unless it’s a casual one. One person must add a contrasting element like colour or accessory that breaks the monotony. If you are layering, then change the outfit hues inside them. Style yourself differently if the outfits are same.”

Twinning away to glory is now within reach!