Sameer Sharma’s Co-Star Pooja Joshi On Actor’s Shocking Death, ‘There Was A Death Hoax About Him Earlier, This Also Seemed Like One’

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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke’s 44-year-old actor Sameer Sharma was found dead at his Malad residence. The actor hung himself from his kitchen ceiling and it is believed that he was discovered in the said state by his building’s watchman. The watchman on night duty reportedly saw Sameer’s mortal remains and alerted the society members. This news has definitely come as a shock to everyone. We spoke to Pooja Joshi who played his wife Varsha Maheshwari on the show. 

Talking to us Pooja said, "I am extremely shocked with the news. I can't even imagine he can do something like this. The moment I heard this news mere haath pair thande ho gaye. But then I felt it’s fake news because earlier also his death hoax made news. I remember my sister asking me this person has died and I was like no he is part of our show and alive. That time he was doing a show called Bhuttu, I guess, when hoax of his death made headlines.”

She adds, “Today also I felt aisa hi kuch hai, hoax hai. But unfortunately, this time it wasn’t one. This year is so bad that I would not even like to count this year.” 

Pooja who has finally started shooting for her show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke post lockdown reveals, "I started shooting for the show just 2 days back but he had not resumed. I think he wasn't required for scenes right now. Though I have been working on the show for over a year but I hardly knew him, on a personal level. He was a very reserved kind of person and we used to hardly interact. Thought, some people who were close to him admit he was a lively person. As per our track, both of us are not required in each and every episode. So we used to be called as and when the script demanded. So if you ask me in this one year we must have hardly shot for 3-4 months together.” 

Image Source:- instagram/samir5d

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