San Juan Mayor responds to Trump's false Puerto Rico claim: 'Get out of the way'

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz did not mince words on CNN Tuesday night when responding to Donald Trump's latest comments on Puerto Rico. Tuesday morning, while Puerto Rico prepared for another potential hurricane, the president tweeted about the incoming storm, asking, "Will it ever end?" and claiming Congress approved $92 billion for the U.S. territory last year.

This tweet left the mayor asking host John Berman a question of her own, "Will his racism and his vindictive behavior toward the people of Puerto Rico ever end? As you have said, this is not how a president behaves. This is not how a human behaves in the face of adversity."

While speaking with Berman, the mayor denied the president's Twitter claim. "It is not $92 billion, it's close to $42 billion," said Cruz, adding that between $12 billion and $14 billion came to Puerto Rico.

Tuesday's exchange is just the latest chapter in an ongoing feud between Trump and Cruz following the president's questionable response to 2017's devastating hurricanes Maria and Irma. "3,000 Puerto Ricans did not open their eyes this morning because this racist man did not have it within him to do his job," said Cruz.

Despite Cruz's grievances with Trump, the mayor was optimistic about FEMA. Cruz said the agency appears to have learned valuable lessons from Irma and Maria, leaving Puerto Rico better prepared to face this storm.

Unfortunately, Cruz doesn't have the same confidence in the president, but the mayor won't concern herself with Trump's ludicrous behavior and lack of understanding. Cruz said, "Get out of the way President Trump, and let the people that can do the job get the job done."

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