Sanjay Kapoor On His Films Failing: 'I Could Have Been More Careful In Choosing Films' - EXCLUSIVE

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Actor Sanjay Kapoor completes twenty-six years in the film industry, the actor made his Bollywood debut with Satish Kaushik's Prem in 1995 opposite Tabu. Sanjay is thankful that even after so many years he is still gets good work. Speaking exclusively with SpotboyE the actor recalls his interesting journey. "Twenty- six years is a long time, it is when my first film (Prem) was released but frankly my journey has been even longer than that. My real journey started way back in 1992-1993 and by 1995 I had five releases, so it's been very interesting, it's been full of ups and downs."

The actor's first film Prem had bombed at the box office upon its release. However, his next film Raja which released in the same year (1995) opposite Madhuri Dixit was a box office success Kapoor says, "It started with a bang, then I went into a phase where things were not working for me as an actor, but I didn't give up because I knew it was the films that weren't working and not Sanjay Kapoor the actor. So you do go through that, most actors do, but the trick to the whole thing is you never give up hope; you work even harder, that's what I did.

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After appearing in several films Sanjay finally made his OTT debut in 2018. He grabbed the attention of the audience with the Netflix film Lust Stories, "I was always ready for something good to come up and I never believed to wait for the chance to work on it. I was always on my toes and when that opportunity finally came, like when OTT came in a big way five-six years back, I got the first opportunity and I grabbed it with both hands and never let go of it," he quips.

Ask him if given a chance is there something that he would do differently to which he says, "It's very difficult to say, but I think I would have been more careful of choosing films, anyways I think its a learning experience these things nobody can teach you, you learn with time, falling on the ground and getting back up is the fun. If you don't fall, you don't enjoy it when you come up. If things would have been smooth then, I wouldn't have enjoyed the new journey now." He further adds, “I don't want to change anything I am very fortunate. My father thought me one thing never only look at the people who are head of you, there could be so many other people who are talented but must have not got this opportunity so enjoy it. If I am around for the last 26 years then I guess I am doing something right so then why should I want to change anything?"

Sanjay Kapoor next is The Last Hour which is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. For the very first time, the actor will be seen in a cop's role. The show also features Raima Sen, Shahana Goswami, and Shaylee.

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