Sanjeeda Shaikh Reveals Her Wardrobe Secrets: 'I Don't Have The Patience To Shop'- EXCLUSIVE

One look at Sanjeeda Shaikh��s Instagram page and even her public appearances, you would agree that she is a fashionista and her cool sartorial choices make her a style diva. So we got talking to the actress to decode her wardrobe. And yes, Sanjeeda even spoke about what her actor-hubby Aamir Ali likes in fashion.

We did a style quiz with the lady wherein we gave her options and she had to choose her favourites.

High neck or high slits?

High neck. I feel it looks nicer on me as I have a longer neck.

Sneakers or sandals?

Well, earlier I used to love wearing sandals. But, sneakers are very comfortable, so I would go with sneakers.

Next, we gave her vivid occasions and asked her to tell us what would she wear for each of them.

What you would wear for a movie date?
For a movie, I'll dress up very boho, something very loose and comfortable.

For a family dinner, what would it be?

I’ll go for a suit.

Your red carpet outfit would be?

On the red carpet, I would rather want to be experimental than wearing a gown. So something very different.

Your go-to outfit for a party night?

A short dress should be good!

A colour you hate to wear and why?

There's no colour that I hate to wear. But, I'm not a very big fan of greys. So, I would go with it.

Indian or western outfit?

It's difficult to choose because I love wearing Indian wear. So yes, I'll pick Indian over western clothes.

An old outfit you just can’t let go off?

My night gowns! They are torn. But, I cannot stay without them.

One thing that your suitcase will always have?

My suitcase will always have many clothes. Even if I'm going for 2 days, I will pack for 10 days.

Your favourite kind of accessories?

I'm not really an accessories person but lately I have realised that hoops are in fashion and they look nice.

How many pairs of shoes are there in your wardrobe?

About 25-30!

How much time do you spend shopping?

I'm not a shopaholic. I'm a boy when it comes to shopping. I won't say I hate shopping, but I don't have the patience for it. So, if I go to the mall, I spend 2 hours shopping and 5 hours just chilling there.

When you step out to shop, what is the first thing on your wish-list?

Bags! See, I'm not very brand conscious when it comes to clothes etc. But, I like branded bags.

How many bags do you own and which is the costliest one so far?

Roughly, I have around 12-15 nice bags and I won't remember the figure of the bags, but they are expensive!

How would you describe your husband Aamir Ali’s style sense?
Earlier, Aamir never used to be conscious of what he is wearing, but because I’m so decked up all the time and up-to-date, he has to make sure that he wears something which is nice and he is a good looking boy, so he doesn’t want to try hard. In the past, he only used to be in black and whites, but now he is experimenting with different colours. He wears everything.

Does Aamir love shopping?
He is a girl when it comes to shopping. Be it shopping in the mall or online, he is always shopping.

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