Sanjivani 2: Mohnish Bahl gets candid on television comeback

Mohnish Bahl is known for his iconic roles of the 90’s and the extremely loved show Sanjivani which is making a comeback on the small screen after 17 years. Sanjivani was a show that left a deep impact on people and their lives and the fact that it’s going to make a comeback has left people really excited. The show revolves around the personal and professional lives of doctors and the kind of positivity that surrounds them and the positive aura they exude and how they help their patients and keep them above their own lives! Here’s what the actor has to say about his return.

You were a part of the previous installment of Sanjivani and now that the makers have decided to bring back the show, how do you feel?

“I am really excited and happy that the makers have decided to bring back a show like Sanjivani, that had made its way into the hearts of the audience and has stayed until today even after 17 years. Now that the show is going on-air really soon, I am very nervous but hopeful that the audience will accept me again as Dr. Shashank.”

How does it feel working with Gurdeep Kohli again?

“I was delighted to know that Gurdeep, too, was going to be a part of the show. We are the only two people from the previous season who have been retained to be a part of this installment and I feel blessed. When Gurdeep and I met for the first, nostalgia hit us really hard and all we said to each other was, “Where did the last 17 years go?” and we laughed. Some things don’t change and I am glad our equation is still the same even today.”

There are a lot of young actors who are a part of the show, how is it working with them?

“Yes, there is a lot of young talent who is a part of the show and it is very nice to have such fresh energy on the sets which makes work so much fun. I feel they are better versed than we were 2 decades ago since they have access to social media, internet so I am very impressed with them. Working with Surbhi aka Dr. Ishani and Namit aka Dr. Siddhanth has been great and it doesn’t feel like I am their senior or their new in the business, it’s just so easy with them.”

How are you preparing for your role?

When Siddharth P Malhotra told me that he wants to make Sanjivani again, I told him I was on board immediately. I feel I didn’t have to prepare for that character because Dr. Shashank has lived with me all these years. The day I stepped on the sets, I felt like I took a step back in time and I remembered my first day on set 18 years ago. So, everything came to me naturally and easily, I honestly didn’t even have to watch the previous episodes to catch up because everything is still so fresh in my mind.

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You started your television career with Sanjivani, and now you are returning on the small screen after 6 years, how does it feel?

“Yes, I started my television career with Sanjivani in 2001, and had just finished shooting for Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Hum Saath Saath Hai, so it was like trying something for the first time and there was a lot at stake. Back then, if an actor had a few flops, you were forgiven but today, if one show or one movie doesn’t work, it can cost you your entire carrier that’s why I am very choosy about my work. I work on a particular project only if I am confident about the content. I strongly feel Sanjivani is good content and a breath of fresh air that our audience needs today, hence I decided to take up a daily soap after 6 years.”

How do you think will this season of Sanjivani be accepted by the audience?

“I feel for Sanjivani, content is the hero and it was relevant back then, and it is relevant even today. It is a combination of medical drama as well as it concentrates on their personal lives which is so real and relatable. So, I feel content is the hero and I am hoping the audience will find it as refreshing as it was back then.