When Sara Ali Khan Was Confused What To Call Kareena Kapoor Khan After She Got Married To Saif!

Madhuri V

After being married for 13 years, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh parted ways in 2004. In 2012, the actor tied the knot with Kareena Kapoor Khan after a five year courtship. Saif and Amrita's daughter Sara Ali Khan shares quite a warm equation with her father and Kareena and the trio often are spotted having dinner together at Saif and Kareena's home. Over the years, Amrita too shares an amicable equation with Saif.

Recently Saif Ali Khan and his daughter Sara appeared on Karan Johar's show, Koffee With Karan where the latter opened up about her dynamics with Kareena Kapoor Khan. Here's what Sara had to share-

'Kareena Still Says That 'Look You Have A Mother & A Great One'

The 'Kedarnath' actress said, "Everyone has been clear about their dynamics with me. It has never been confusing. Kareena herself was saying and still says that 'look you have a mother and a great one and what I want is for us to be able to be friends."

'My Father Also Never Said, 'Kareena Is Your Second Mother'

'My father also never said 'this is your second mother' or made it any way uncomfortable,' Sara said on the show.

'Kareena Would Probably Have A Nervous Breakdown If...'

Sara also revealed a=how she earlier had confusion about what to call Kareena. Sara said, "I think Kareena would probably have a nervous breakdown if I was gonna call her, 'Choti Ma'. She would be like, 'No!' I used to be like, 'What should I call her? Kareena, Kareena aunty' My father's like 'You don't want to call her aunty. So you can call her 'K' or 'Kareena''.

'I Have Now Two Comfortable Homes As Opposed To One Uncomfortable Home'

"I don't think there was any confusion about what equation, you know. I also feel that somewhere down the line it's very important to respect what other people want. I see my father and mother today and they are much happier than I think they would have been together. I have now two comfortable homes as opposed to one uncomfortable home."

We Are A Family

She further said, "Mom is happy, Abba is happy and Kareena is happy. We all are happy!"

'My Mom Dressed Me For My Father's Wedding'

"My mom dressed me for my father's wedding. A lot of people would be of the opinion that Kareena was being weird or mom was being weird. It was very comfortable. Everyone was so mature. It was not a big deal."

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