Sara Ali Khan, Ibrahim’s Expressions are Unmissable as Mom Amrita Singh Puts 'Kala Tikka' on Them

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    such a great news!!!
    what a fabulous Journalism...great job keep it up...
  • K
    to hum log jo news padhne ko aate hai ...Dance Kare kyaa???party kare??
    pedhe Baate??Laddu Baate???
  • P
    Is it allowed in islam?
  • r
    Rafale pe lagao toh cheeee... inn par lagao toh wow!!!
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    omkar omi
    Oh wow... What a news !!!!
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    Gulshan Kumar
    Sara is indeed beautiful among the current lot, so Kala Tika is a must.
  • l
    Who is Rich ? Mr Saif All Khan or Ms Amrita Singh ...set a poll and then reshuffle the stories not at random but in order of fame or occurrence or impact upon country or etc, etc, etc ...
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    Bollywood mein sab chalets hai 👋👋
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    If you love ur mom so much, why do u want to take her with u to ur husband's house. U can bring ur husband and his parents to ur house . Had I been a guy, then too I would have never opted for living with my parents .
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    That is why people spend more time on instant messaging system than read such stupids news items. They enjoying exchanging interesting news among themselves.