Sara Ali Khan Receives MAJOR BACKLASH For Her New Instagram Post As She Writes 'All Lives Matter'

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Right after sharing a post on Instagram, Sara Ali Khan found herself into a predicament. Wondering what did go wrong with her post? Well, Sara reacted to the chaotic situation of both the US and India with a single post and wrote "All lives matter'. For the unversed, the US has been facing riots and violence owing to the killing of George Floyd, while India is upset with the killing of a pregnant elephant in Kerala. Sara spoke on both the issues with a single post and rather than sharing '#blacklivesmatter', she shared the post with the hashtag '#alllivesmatter'.

Netizens are unhappy with Sara's post and are constantly slamming the actress. Here's how they reacted...

@sunnyvirkmusic: "When you say black lives matter, it doesn't mean the others don't it just means that they matter as much as the others. C'mon Sara. You're smarter than that."

@Janyasindhu: "Do you realize what a following you have? You are a graduate from an ivy league school do you not know that the all lives matter is *against* the black lives matter what is wrong with you?"

@jonathan.png: "The level of tone-deafness. Wow."

@pakmanpodcast: "But right now Black lives matter please don't belittle their movement."

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@pranavv_18: "Striking out the word "black" itself shows the whole problem here."

@quirkyracoon: "All lives matter only when black lives do. Ilysm but rn only the blacks are going through all the shit so yeah its #blacklivesmatter."

@meet_nagariya: "If all lives matter than stop eating non veg food , like chicken, meat, fish, etc they are also animals."

@smrahman12: "Yeah this is not it. I get what you're trying to say but this is definitely not the right post to make especially when the focus has been the racial injustice towards the Black community in wake of the murder of George Floyd."

Clearly, fans are not impressed with Sara's stand on both the unfortunate situations.

Sara has now deleted the post.

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