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Sara Ali Khan's personal style

A fresh face sans make-up with a warm smile is her signature style. Her healthy complexion makes make-up totally unwanted. To attain her style, do this: clean and detox your system, sleep and hydrate well, follow an effective clean-tone-moisturize routine to get flawless skin and keep yourself happy to smile widely. 

Sara Ali Khan's personal style is so easy and wearable, you too can give it a try

She hails from the family of Tagores and Pataudis, holds a degree from Columbia, has two major Bollywood talents for parents, and is a beauty to commit a felony for. Yet, Sara Ali Khan presents herself as one who’s relatable and grounded, and fans connect with her instantly. 

One of the many things that make her one of us is her personal style which is pragmatic and wearable for a college-goer, housewife, young-adult, or a seasoned professional. What’s more, they are apt for Indian summers and you all can borrow or re-create her looks easily.