Sarah Todd’s love affair with India

Model-turned celebrity chef Sarah Todd tells us why she chose India to open her signature restaurant and host a TV show

From dishing out Aloo Gobhi to the judges of Master Chef Australia in 2014, to opening up her own restaurant in India in 2015 and now hosting a TV show ‘Serve It Like Sarah’ that explores off beat locations in Goa, Sarah Todd’s love for India has grown stronger with time. She talks of her passion for all things Indian.

Aren’t models known to stay away from too much food? How did you end up being surrounded by food?

It’s a misconception that models don’t eat well. I have many model friends and we are all just as passionate; Celebrating food is one of life’s great joys. You need to know the art of balancing nutrition with indulgence. One should realise that It’s human to binge on the naughty things every now and then.

How did you become a chef?

I started off fuelling my obsession with new cooking techniques and playing around with flavours. I am now classically trained in French cookery and I have gained experience alongside Michelin star chef’s in London, hatted restaurants in Australia following the success of being a part of Master Chef Australia.

What secrets have you learnt about food in your travels across the globe?

I have learnt that no matter which country you are from we all have something in common; we love to eat. There is nothing better than seeing the passion each country has about sharing food with their loved ones.

What do you like about Indian cuisine?

The colours, the smells, the depth of flavour and the abundance of variety.

Why a restaurant in Goa and not any other place in India?

The property in Goa reminds me of my hometown. I was raised in The Great Barrier Reef, with warm weather, an abundance of seafood, tropical fruits, perched right in front of a stunning beach. It just fits my cooking style so well.

How Is the food at your restaurant?

The menu is Australian cuisine with a hint of Asian influences and a focus on fresh, local produce.

A still from Serve It Like Sarah on Fox Star

You have explored the streets of Goa for your TV show. What hidden culinary treasures did you unearth?

I have been living in Goa like a local for some time now. In my time spent here I have discovered small stalls and shacks that sell most delicious cutlets and other snacks. I have fallen in love with crab Xacuti (that’s on the menu of my restaurant and I have created this on the show too) and the beautiful forests and organic farms of Goa.