Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey Turn Producers with TV Show Udaariyan

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Showbiz couple Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey are all set to bring forth their next production, ‘Udaariyan’. Produced under the banner of their own company, Dreamiyata, the first glance of the upcoming show has piqued interest amongst the TV audience already.

With this venture, Sargun and Ravi have also turned storytellers as they spin stories to delight audiences around the globe. Sargun’s wish to become a content creator is fueled by Ravi’s passion for the craft and together they seek to create magic for entertainment lovers.

The first teaser shows the hero named Fateh who is fighting a boxing match and leaving it mid-way to rush back home and grab a pair of binoculars to steal a look at his love interest named Jasmine.

Sargun said, “It feels like a dream, I have to be honest I am deeply deeply attached to this show. God has been kind to both me and Ravi we have continuously seen growth… we have spent a decade being a part of so many stories and now to ‘tell’ a story that we believe in is surreal. To see characters I have created come to life on screen is surreal. We are grateful for the support and blessings of our audience who have unconditionally loved us through thick and thin.”

Ravi shared, “The television industry has given us so much we have spent 15 long years in the industry been a part of many stories, I am happy and proud that Sargun and myself as a team are now turning storytellers with Udaariyaan. It is Sargun’s baby. It is conceptualized and developed by her. She has literally worked night and day in making this show. I am certain her earnestness and sincerity will win everyone’s heart… I am forever proud of her. The audience has showered immense love on all the characters we have played. I hope they continue to shower the same amount of love as we embrace this new role of being producers.”

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