Satyam Rastogi Is a Competent Man in Ethical Hacking

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When it comes to ethical hacking no one can beat Satyam Rastogi as he has remained a competent man in this domain. He is just 24 years but has impressed everyone with his incredible skill sets. Being born and brought up in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand and now is based in Dehradun. Since his young age, he was inclined towards computers and loved to explore topics like ethical hacking and similar things. He has served as an ethical hacker with top Indian and overseas companies, which speaks about his expertise and experience in this domain. Currently, he works as Senior Manager - Information Security and Ethical Hacking at BAMKO Inc.

Strong Profile

It is a US based multinational company apart from holding key positions in different communities like cloud security alliance, Owasp Foundation and several other communities and other forums. So far, one can find a number of companies and has been a bug bounty hunter dealing with groups in different places. His life is surrounded by hacking related stuff, while he has completed several certifications including CEH, ECSA, CISA, OSCP, and many certifications. He enjoys his life, which is surrounded by computers, devices and electronic gadgets.

Attributes that Makes Him Different

He has travelled to different nations working with different clients in the security domain. During the lockdown, the travel restrictions collapsed his plans to visit different nations as scheduled earlier. However, he made sure to work from home by getting connected virtually and going smooth. For his professional life he keeps attributes like perseverance and integrity on the pedestal as he feels that these are two elements that can help any professional to grow in his or her success ladder. He has achieved many milestones in his career and there is no end to it as he keeps himself abreast with the latest technology keeping alive and sharpening his edge.

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