Saumya Tandon On Her Return To Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain With Her Son: "Won't Compromise On Breastfeeding, Will Shoot Less And Nearer Home"

Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain show had a big reunion of sorts when one of its favourite members Saumya Tandon returned to face the cameras once again. Saumya resumed after her maternity leave, yesterday. We spoke to her, last night. She was a bundle of happiness. We got asking her the right questions almost immediately and she did not beat around the bush either. "I am going to start slow. I am going to shoot but less. I will continue to get my son on the sets as I don't want to compromise on breastfeeding," Saumya emphasised.

The time was right to talk to Saumya Tandon who returned to Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain yesterday. She was obviously tired after her first day of work after maternity leave when she reached home, but full marks to her for responding on our questions which we shot to her last night on WhatsApp- and pat came a recorded message of the answers.

So, you took Miraan with you on the set!

Yes, he was with me on the sets. I am not going to leave him home. I am a feeding mother. He was on the sets, in my vanity van, for about 5 hours. I sent him back after that.

saumya tandon

Describe what happened on the set yesterday...

There was so much to do when I reached on the sets after so many days. Lots to catch up on. Malkhan  (Deepesh Bhan) and Tillu (Salim Zaidi) had got married, they showed me many pictures. A colleague from light department had become a father.

It's been 4 years for me on this show and I am very attached to it, so it was a reunion of sorts and it was very sweet.

Are you deep-diving into the show, like before?

I am going to start slow. I am going to shoot but less. For the next 2 months, I am not going to give too many days to my work. Say, this will go on till end June or thereabouts. Also, till then, I will be shooting at places nearer to my home.

saumya tandon

Will you continue to get Miraan with you?

I will continue to get Miraan on the sets as I don't want to compromise on breastfeeding.

saumya tandon

But later, you might be required to shoot at places which are far from your home?

Yes, later, I have to shoot at Naigaon. I will need to explore that. I will have to learn and adapt, I guess. Let's say, I shall cross that bridge when it comes. 

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